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Imagine how it would feel to walk into your home and not want to change a thing. For the majority of homeowners, this is not a reality. Far from it!


Instead, we find ourselves living vicariously through our television, wide eyed and in awe of a home transformation from the mundane and sometimes downright hideous, to the spectacular.


What if you could experience that transformation, even if it were in just one room?


A Tacoma home remodeling contractor can make your dreams realities. With decades of experience, up to date knowledge and technology, original ideas, and highly skilled hands we can create a space that speaks to you and reflects your personality and lifestyle.


I’m not sure what I want


Maybe you are asking yourself, “I’m not even sure what I want.” A Tacoma home remodeling contractor is much more than just someone who comes into your home, tears down the old and installs the new.


We are experts when it comes to things like:


Layout and design plans

Budget considerations

Maintenance considerations

Lighting ideas

Style selection

Color selection

Building code compliance

Custom build ideas

Fixtures and accessories

Repair vs. replace options

Product options

The list is far from complete. The point is you can count on your Tacoma home remodel to not only be done right, but be done right for you.


Choosing a room


Now that you’ve decided to commit to do some remodeling on your home, you need to choose the space to be transformed. If your budget only permits you to remodel one maybe two rooms, you might want to ask yourself some of these questions:


Do any rooms/areas need remodeling

What’s the reason for remodeling? (resale, personal enjoyment, family need)

What room/area would the family use and enjoy the most?

Popular rooms to remodel

Although, Tacoma home remodeling contractors are experienced in all types of remodels, the most common projects are kitchens and baths. An updated and aesthetically pleasing kitchen or bath can not only bring joy to you and your family, but can also provide new and improved usage of space and storage.

Increased value is another factor in considering a kitchen or bath remodel. Prospective buyers often see an updated and well laid out kitchen space as an important and sometimes deciding factor when selecting a home.


Kitchens updated with new counter surfaces, fresh cabinets, and shiny new appliances catch anyone’s eye. There is a sea of product options when updating a kitchen for every budget, every family, and every need. Your knowledgeable Tacoma contractor can navigate you through the best options for you.


Bathrooms, like the kitchen, can be remodeled into a more eye catching space. Your bath can suddenly look more like a spa, adding that extra value to your home. Tile options, bath and shower styles and shapes, cabinetry, and sink styles are plentiful. Even thoughtfully chosen details like shower heads and lighting can effectively change a mostly utilitarian room into something much more.


A Tacoma remodeling contractor can show you how your bathroom space can be remodeled into something you’ll love. We can even expand the size of your bathroom or build an additional bathroom from the ground up.


Unique room remodels

There are obviously more possibilities for a Tacoma home remodel than just a kitchen or bath. The possibilities are actually as numerous as your imagination is big.


Basements are great areas to consider for your remodeling project. These open spaces can be turned into:


Game rooms

Man caves


Extra bedrooms

Child’s playrooms

Home theaters

Music Studio

It is very important to begin a basement remodel by sealing the space to protect it from moisture and prevent future damage, mold, and mildew. Your Tacoma home remodeling contractor has the expertise to prepare your basement for remodeling before beginning their work in creating your new room.


What about outside?


Let’s not forget the exterior of your home. Depending on the space you have to work with there are almost as many options for transformation as on the inside of your home. Choosing to do a Tacoma home remodel on the exterior of your home can be for maintenance reasons as well as for pleasure.


Proper maintenance of your home is critical. Gutters, roofing, siding, and windows are all areas in which your Tacoma home remodeling contractor is well versed. Proper and timely upkeep on your home will prevent future damage and repair expense.


Popular exterior remodels



Decks are one of the most popular Tacoma home remodeling projects that will rejuvenate your exterior space. Decks can provide a place to enjoy the outdoors, gather with family and friends, or quietly relax by yourself early in the morning. Adding a deck can also add curb appeal not to mention value when the time comes to sell.


Products for decking are also numerous. Ask your contractor about the pros and cons of the types of decking materials. Durability, maintenance, and cost are factors you will want to consider with your Tacoma home remodeling professional, along with the purpose and placement of your deck.


Popular materials are:





Solid impervious

Unique exterior remodels

Barbeque and picnic areas are wonderful spaces to entertain in the fair weather months. Some unique ideas for a barbeque space you can take pride in are:


Built in barbeque grills

Built in refrigerator and storage

Built in sinks


Tile grill area


Proper installation of electric, water, and gas lines are a given when you choose a Tacoma home remodeling contractor.




Fencing and Arbors can add a unique look and style to your yard or garden. There are many designs and options for you to choose from. Each one suits a specific style and purpose.


Contact our Tacoma home remodeling contractors to see examples of project designs or let us create a design to specifically match the design character of your home.


Pools and Pool Houses can bring years of enjoyment to your family and friends. If you are able and willing to consider a pool installation, don’t forget to consider what you can do with the surrounding pool space. Effective built in storage and seating areas are things you’ll want to consider.


What about going so far as to consider a pool house?


A pool house can be a great place for friends and family who are visiting to feel comfortable in their own space. Talk to your qualified contractor about sizes and plans that are best for you.


Don’t forget about safety. A lockable fence installed by your Tacoma home remodeling contractor will protect all children who could wander into your pool area unattended and maybe even uninvited.




Many homeowners face the challenges of making do with a home that they have outgrown. Whether you’ve outgrown your home due to the arrival of more children, the need of growing teenagers, or the need of an aging parent who has moved in, a Tacoma home remodeling project in the form of an addition to your existing home could be the best answer.


Deciding to put on an addition instead of purchasing larger home results in:


Keeping your children from having to change schools

Avoiding expensive closing costs of a purchase

Dealing with moving logistics and expenses

Letting you create the exact space you need

Even if you don’t have a growing family or elderly parent to accommodate, your contractor can design an addition solely for your enjoyment like a sunroom or large family room.


Sunrooms can add additional living space and provide a place separate from the day to day living going on in the other rooms of your home. Sunrooms can be a quiet sanctuary for reading, napping, visiting, and crafting.


Family Rooms can be the one space in the home where everyone is accommodated and can happily co-exist. Consider a fireplace, a built in entertainment center, open spaces, and a game area. Plans that can satisfy everyone in the family are exactly what a Tacoma home remodel can do for you.


Home offices are becoming more than just a place to pay your bills or put your computer. More individuals are working from home now more than ever.


Whether it is used as a satellite office when away from your job or the headquarters for your home business, you need a place that is designed for function and seclusion. Imagine this space now.


What would you really like, need, desire for your office? They could all be yours with the help and expertise of a Tacoma home remodeling contractor.


Regardless of your dreams, budget, timeline, and needs, we can help bring your home remodeling project to life.


Make your home improvement dreams a reality today. Consider a Tacoma home remodel to turn your home into the place you want to come home to every day.


Call us today for a FREE estimate on your next home improvement project.