Olympia Kitchen Remodeling

Olympia kitchen remodeling ideas

No matter if your kitchen is as massive as a small house or as tiny as a walk-in closet, there’s plenty you can do when it comes to an Olympia kitchen remodel.


Whether you love to cook or you have a kitchen in your home only for its resale value, remodeling your kitchen not only will help your kitchen – probably the most-used room in a home – look better, but it’s also one of the few remodeling jobs that almost pays for itself (when it comes time to sell your home).


The Motley Fool at Fool.com reported in 2007 that those who performed a “midrange minor” kitchen remodeling project (averaging in price nationwide at a bit more than $21,000) recouped about 86 percent of their costs when they sold their homes.


The percentage recouped declined as the kitchen remodel became fancier, with a “midrange major” remodel recouping just a bit more than 78 percent, while an “upscale major” remodeling project recovered a tad more than 74 percent.


Yet many people who decide to undertake an Olympia kitchen remodeling project do so for one simple reason: they want to create a kitchen that first their lifestyle and personality.


The Motley Fool does offer a very salient point, by the way. When it comes to an “upscale” kitchen remodel, it “might excite you more, but it might not excite your home’s next buyer so much.” Keep that in mind when you’re upgrading your kitchen with the hopes of recovering funds when you sell the house.


That said, here are some Olympia kitchen remodeling ideas for small and large remodels.

If your kitchen is small and you don’t have the room in your home – or the budget – to make it larger, consider simply swapping out your cabinet doors/drawers with new knobs. This can deliver a huge impact for just a few hundred dollars.


In addition, you might consider replacing your cabinet doors with new ones. This saves you the expense of replacing the entire cabinetry and can save you hundreds of dollars.


  • HouseBeautiful.com recommends placing mirrors on your kitchen’s walls above your counters. This gives the illusion of more space.
  • The website also thinks – if you do decide that new kitchen cabinets are necessary for your Olympia kitchen remodel – that adding a sliding, slender spice rack cabinet can help you save considerable cabinet space.
  • Or, instead of cabinets at all, consider just having shelves. This, HouseBeautiful.com says, makes your kitchen “look larger than it is.”


Have you decided that you’re going to “go for the gusto?” Here are some ideas for a larger Olympia kitchen remodeling project:

  • If you’re going to spend the big bucks, the best bangs for your bucks are the cabinets and flooring. These two items alone will give your kitchen an entirely new feeling.
  • The WashingtonPost.com in January 2008 recommended that you do your Olympia kitchen remodeling project all at once. You may think it might be better to do it in pieces (cabinets one year, flooring the next), but the article quoted a Washington designer as saying “’[i]f you start by doing just the floors and then later on remove the cabinets, then the floor may not be big enough to replace the dimensions of the cabinets.’”
  • Granite countertops are very popular and look fantastic, but they can be a bear to maintain. Quartz could be a better option for you.


Finally, it’s imperative that you interview several Olympia kitchen remodeling contractors before you hire one to remodel your kitchen. Ask for references, licenses. Talk to past customers.


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