Olympia Home Remodeling

Olympia home remodeling: finding a reliable, affordable contractor

Hiring the right contractor for your Olympia home remodeling project probably is the most important aspect of the entire undertaking. Not the decision to add a room. Not the decision to replace your kitchen cabinets. Not the decision on what color to paint your walls or if you should purchase laminate or hardwood for your floors.




The contractor you hire is critical to:


  • Getting the job done on time.
  • Getting it done on or below budget.
  • Saving your sanity.


Below are some tips to help you select the right contractor for your Olympia home remodel:

  • First, talk to friends, family members and even neighbors. Have they remodeled all or part of their home recently? If not, do they know of someone who has? How was their experience with their contractor? Ask for all the details, the good, the bad and the really ugly.

  • If you still can’t come up with at least three names, try Angie’s List, ServiceMaster or another online contractor recommendation site. Be “suspicious” in a good way, of anyone recommended, though. Never hire a contractor without meeting with a representative first.


  • Most contractors offer a free estimate, so invite a rep to your home for a nice long chat. If your remodeling project is large, set aside two or three hours for this first meeting.


  • As you review the bids for your Olympia home remodel project, you may find that the lowest isn’t always the best. It’s more important that you work with a contractor who is honest, reliable and offers the best value for your money.


  • Before the contractor starts work, verify that the company has the required insurance and licenses. Double check that all of the contractor’s workers as well as any sub-contracting employees are covered by insurance. You’ll also want to double check with your home insurance carrier that anyone who works in your home is covered in the case of injury. The same goes for any damage that occurs to your home during the Olympia home remodeling project.


  • When you meet with one of our Olympia contractors we will be more than happy to explain the following:

o References (and not just from happy customers; ask for the numbers of the last three homeowners with whom the contractor worked). Be sure to call those references and, once again, ask about the good, the bad and the very ugly of their experience.

o Understand any and all guarantees the Olympia home remodeling contractors offer. Are the guarantees just for labor? What about materials? Does the company offer any guarantee regarding when the work will be complete? What will it do if it goes over budget or past deadline?


  • Finally, never be afraid to ask questions. Lots of questions. If you have any concerns at all, be sure to communicate them to your contractor.


When looking for a trusted, skilled, reliable and affordable contractor for your Olympia home remodel, contact our Olympia home remodeling contractors. We’ve been helping Olympia-area homeowners successfully remodel their homes – on budget and on time – for more than 20 years. Contact us today!